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Since 2004
Xinyao--Professional ribbon weaving

Professional garment accessories manufacturers

  Nantong Xinyao Threads & Bands Co.,Ltd. is located in Wujie Town Industrial in Tongzhou, Jiangsu on the shore of Yangtze River and on the road along the river. Therefore, our company enjoys an easy access to transportation.
  Our company specializes in the production of special cords, lines, straps and laces that are frequently used and have come into wide use in garments, bags, suitcases, shoes, caps, furniture, hoisting devices, pulling materials, tourism, etc.
  Our company boasts powerful technical strength, complete product specifications and diverse patterns. We may also offer customized special products according to customers’ needs. Our products include spandex lace, lace, shoulder girdle (gallus), underwear strap, wrapping strap, jacquard ribbon, banding, embedded sideband, colored strap, and cotton strap.
  Objective: treat customers sincerely, good faith, customer foremost, reputation first;
  We sincerely hope all our customers will visit us. 

Service objective: low price, high quality, customer foremost, good faith


Address:Wujie Industrial Park, Tongzhou District, Nantong
Contact person:Mr. Xu
Cell phone:13962936388
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